Why is reusing and repurposing important?

To save ourselves from running out of natural resources and accumulating waste, repurposing may be the way to go. It saves us money, time, and waste to repurpose everyday items, such as clothing, containers, and plastic products. Living as minimally as possible can help your wallet, living space, and carbon footprint 


Our timeless glass bottles are reusable and recyclable. Here are a few ideas for repurposing our amber glass bottles, perfume oil blend bottles and reed diffuser bottles!


Room & Linen spray bottles: RINSE THOROUGHLY! Clean, soak, repeat.

  1. DIY home cleaner
  2. Indoor plant spritzer
  3. Window cleaner ( 1 part water, 1 part vinegar)
  4. Low fat cooking spray (Measure out 1 1/4 cup water into a glass measuring cup. Add 1/4 cup liquid oil of your choice (I like to have one bottle with olive oil and one bottle with avocado oil ready to use at all times) And that's it!)
  5. Flower vase

Perfume Oil Blend bottles: RINSE THOROUGHLY! clean, soak, repeat.

    1. Reuse for your favourite body oil on the go!
    2. Create a roll-on makeup remover:Fill the bottle with olive oil - simply roll generously around your eyes and face, and wipe with a cotton round!
    3. Make a natural bug repellent:Fill the bottle with a base oil like sweet almond oil or jojoba oil, and add in 12 drops of any combination of the following essential oils: Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree or Lemongrass.
    4. Travel size foundation

Reed diffuser bottles: RINSE THOUROULY! clean, soak, repeat.

  1. Refill with you diffuser refill
  2. Unique flower vase for desk or  dinner table
  3. Shell holder (for my shell collecting gals)

Cotton gift bags:

  1. Grocery store bag for fruits or veggies
  2. Store books, notepads, stationary
  3. Cosmetics & toiletries
  4. Bread bag
  5. Ma'i (menstrual) bag
  6. Toy storage
  7. Travel